Diaper Wars

A father's tale, may the cloth be with you.Within this segment I will document my journey into the world of cloth diapers. I  have always used Huggies or Pampers and never thought about using cloth diapers but with the help of EcoBuns I know that I will make it. It’s going to pretty interesting so stay tuned as I take a dive into Diaper Wars. All posts for this segment will be under the category, “May the cloth be with you”. For more information on EcoBuns please visit them at one of the following, Facebook, Twitter, and their main web site EcoBuns. The customer service is excellent, friendly, and very knowledgeable. What more could you ask for?


4 thoughts on “Diaper Wars”

  1. lovely!

  2. we have four kids and i have wiped a lot of butts over the span of a decade. I know that cloth diapers are supposed to be more environmentally friendly and all that jazz but in my experience they cannot prevent the dreaded “blowout”. Even if they did, would you really want to keep a diaper with that kind of destruction in it?

  3. amandasworldofmotherhood said:

    I love cloth. Super cute and I have less blowouts with them than with disposables. Washing them really isn’t that bad.

    • I have never used cloth before but I’m up for the adventure. I don’t think washing them will be that bad either once I get used to them. I just have a fear that I’m going to spray the wrong way and it’s going to end up all over. lol

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