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Hello all this is going to be a quick post for today. If you didn’t know I have an Associates in Web Development. I am currently seeking my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design and this post is simply a look to the future. A coming soon ad if you will for RMII Visions. In the past I have been approached with ideas for web sites and to be completely honest I was rather nervous to take on any work because of my fear of failure. Well after doing this blog and designing ads, banners, and logos, it’s time to man up and quit messing around. I’m not paying all this money in school loans for nothing so I am making it my goal to put myself through a boot camp of sorts to refresh my memory on the design languages that have gone stale and come close to vanishing from my brain.

RMII Visions will be back soon for web design with new skills and precision work. Graphic design is going strong and new projects are coming up. Thanks for your time and continued support for Jabber Log and all things under the RMII Visions brand.