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Alright my fellow Jabber Loggers, this is the beginning. Now I should be going to sleep because it is 10pm and I have to be up at 3am for work at 5am but I had to post this. Parents of Elementary Students starts here and now. I received a couple pictures in my email today and I felt that it’s time to stop talking and do it. I’m sure that some people might frown on it but come on; have a sense humor. Life is too short to be offended and pissed off. Live life and laugh. If we can’t laugh at others and especially ourselves then what are we left with?

So the first submission comes from…yeah I’m not going to reveal that so don’t even ask. The precious gem shown here was captured leaving an elementary school on a bike. No doubt she was in a hurry to get there and leave but how did the kid get there? She’s on a bike and well…I’m not even going to ask. I do like how her pink flannel pajama pants match with her pink Pee-Wee Herman type bike. It’s an excellent look but the only thing that throws it off are the black and what appears to be blue flip flops. Otherwise two thumbs up!

Don’t forget to send me your submissions to jabberlog69@gmail.com for future installments of “Parents of Elementary Students”, and if you did not get the Pee-Wee Herman reference, Google Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure and click on images. Have a good night folks!