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As I mentioned in a previous post, I am no longer holding back. Any idea that comes to mind, I am going to go with it no matter how good or bad it may turn out. With that said, I have an idea for a new segment on Jabber Log. I am sure you have all heard of and viewed, “People of Walmart”. This is a site where you can see the many folk that bless us with their presence in odd clothing. Whether it be someone shopping in their favorite Moo-Moo and pink fluffy slippers, or jeans cut-off to the crack, it brings humor to the table and what’s better than a good sense of humor?

Well my idea is for something similar to the site mentioned above but this new segment to Jabber Log will be called, “Parents of Elementary Students”. Now you may already be frowning on this idea but think about the people you have seen when picking up your child from school. I know I have seen a few that look like they could make the previously mentioned site. It’s funny and all about the sense of humor. This could also roll out into photos of the oddly dressed when just out and about on a stroll. No names of any kind would be mentioned and faces would be blurred. If a child happens to be captured next to their oddly dressed parent they will be blurred as well. All submissions would be sent directly to my email address and held pending approval for this new addition.

I am looking to you for submissions on this segment but before it is made official I would like some feedback on this. I don’t care if you hate it or you love it, I want to know your opinion. If you frown upon the idea then don’t answer but if it can be compared to anything, check out the video provided. The idea here is similar to the recent Toyota commercials but they use a vehicle that parents drive rather than how they are dressed. Have a good one folks!